الاثنين، 10 يونيو 2013

without title

I’ll admit; I’ve never been a writer. I’ve never been a person that’s totally comfortable writing about myself or about the things I’ve been through. Maybe it’s because I’m not totally comfortable with myself or maybe it’s because I have a really hard time just letting go and learning how to trust people. I feel like people get really frustrated with me because I have a really hard time letting people find out who I really am. 
Sometimes, I feel like if I give everything away- my thoughts, my fears, my feelings- that once that person decides to leave (which they always do at one point or another), I won’t have anything left to myself.. I’ve been told so many times that I just have an absolute perfect knack for pushing people away. Maybe the reason why I purposefully push people away is because I’ve been burned too many times and I’ve learned to just keep it all in..