الخميس، 12 أغسطس 2010

♥ Just Some Feelings ♥

this is the one i became, tears refused to leave my eyes, and sadness refused to leave my
heart, how can i continue my life and all what i draw for it is going far from me , every thing destroyed before and i said: "it's ok i'll build it again" i started gathering the pieces all together, believe me when i say i gathered every piece next to the other, i was happy then, i saw that sun always rises for me and when i remember that time i was going to school with my friend passing by that gorgous garden i was just hopeful , every time i was just hopeful
i was so happy never felt alone i was living my life with optimist and happiness with the ones i love i made a promise that only friendship that i'll protect with all strength i have, and now ????
i can't believe that every thing i wished for is flying away from me, but wallah i'll never give up nchalah even all that, i still have a little hope, i'll give every thing to god and see what he decides
cs he is the only that understands me and knows what i really want
u see this life, u don't know how it chooses you to hurt you, it just hurts, one is happy always and one is sad always, hhhh life?!!!
let's put our hands together that no body ll feel sad or alone
plz be together and never let someone makes you upset or sad
take it easy cs there is our dear god
he never let his people
take care and stay together

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